The watering of floral foam - how it works fantastically

1. First of all, get a jar that is big enough. It should be at least twice as high as the ®mosy floral foam and should also provide sufficient swimming surface on its sides.

2. Fill the jar with fresh, clear water. Attention: the water temperature should neither be too cold, nor too warm, 18°C are ideal!

3. Let the ®mosy floral foam carefully sink into the jar so that it swims on the water surface. Now you and the foam can have a break of about one minute. Physics will now take over the work for you!

4. Due to its high absorbency, the ®mosy floral foam will soak itself entirely and on its own with clear water in this short time - step by step from below until the top.

5. The waterlogged ®mosy floral foam swims on the water surface and thus can be taken out of the jar easily.

This is the only ideal procedure to allow your piece of work a long life.

The watering of floral foam - don't do it this way!

The floral foam has not been watered professionally. The result is a dry core on the inside of the ®mosy floral foam which will make the flowers fade quickly. In order to prevent this bad result, the following points are important:

Store the ®mosy floral foam in a dry, cool and dark place. Don't store it openly! Thus, the good ®mosy quality will last for a long time.

Use a jar that is big enough! In this way, a consistent watering is possible.

Adjust the water temperature to about 18°C! The optimal absorbency can only be provided in this way. Wait about one minute for the ®mosy floral foam to get entirely soaked with water from below until the top. DO NOT submerge it! If the ®mosy floral foam gets wet on all sides, the air can't emerge from the inside and the core will stay dry.

Things to know

Why does water emerge while working with the ®mosy floral foam? Is this bad?

No, because the water emerges due to a natural respression procedure. Each floral foam only possesses a certain intake capacity which will be completely exhausted after watering in the ideal case. As soon as the peduncles are put into the watered ®mosy floral foam, they block out the water which was staying in there before. This is the only reason, why water emerges from the ®mosy floral foam.

Does it make sense to water the ®mosy floral foam "in advance"?

No, not at all! Water contains - even if it is fresh - a small amount of bacteria which are multiplying with time. Therefore, in each watered floral foam which has been produced "in advanced", a high amount of bacteria is generated even before the actual usage which can later shorten the life span of your piece of work immensely. Something positive is the fact that the ®mosy floral foam soaks itself entirely full with water in a very short time (40 to 120 seconds) due to its high absorbency.

Is it recommended to re-dry the already watered ®mosy floral foam?

The general rule is: if the floral foam has been watered and dried again, it loses a great amount of its absorbency and it also can't save the water well anymore. Therefore, this approach should be avoided.

Does the color of the ®mosy floral foam have any meaning?

No, it only serves visual purposes. The changing of the floral foam color doesn't influence its quality. All technical features like absorbency, water capacity or the ability to let the water emerge, respectively to keep it, will remain unchanged and good.